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Data Portal

EQIC quality measurementsEQIC quality measurements

ReportData reports

Hospitals participating in EQIC have access to data and outcomes comparisons within your organization and among participating hospitals. EQIC enables analysis of more than 60 measures among similar hospital types, peer groups, states and other categories. EQIC also provides special reports.

Data submissionQuality data collection

EQIC seeks to minimize the administrative data burden on participating hospitals. The EQIC data portal assists hospitals in submitting data not otherwise sourced through electronic exchanges. Our staff will work with hospital quality teams to assist in the data reporting process.

TeamTeam and user management functions

The data portal allows your hospital liaison and/or your EQIC project manager to manage the data entry and reporting roles for staff on your team participating in the EQIC quality improvement work. The password-protected login to the secure data portal allows an individual to enter data and access hospital-specific data reports and ensures that the appropriate team members are able to upload data as needed. Project managers will work with the hospital liaison to create accounts for staff to use the data portal and team management functions.