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Beginning in September 2020 as part of the CMS Hospital Quality Improvement Contract, the EQIC initiative supports participating hospitals’ improvement work with education, tools, resources and direct project management support. EQIC assists member hospitals to achieve the CMS goals of reducing all-cause patient harm by 9%, readmissions by 5%, adverse drug events by 13% and adverse drug events related to opioids by 7%.

To that end, EQIC will engage in work in the high-priority areas of medication management, hospital-acquired conditions and transitions of care. Per the CMS contract, EQIC is targeting for participation rural and Critical Access Hospitals, hospitals with opportunity for improvement and those caring for vulnerable populations.

We are proud to continue our regional work to assist hospitals in improving quality. The various healthcare organizations comprising EQIC are encouraging member participation and meaningful engagement in this work for the best outcomes. We support evidence-based interventions tailored to each participating hospital’s unique needs and opportunities, while striving to seamlessly assimilate new interventions into current processes.


Vermont Association of Hospitals and Health Systems
148 Main Street
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Vermont Program for Quality in Health Care, Inc.
132 Main Street, Suite 1
Montpelier, VT 05602


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