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EQIC conference | Patient safety: Navigating the new normal February 7 - 8, 2023
ROADE Work sprint: Capstone Recording
ROADE Work sprint: Office hour February 22, 2022
ROADE Work sprint: The impact of stigma on opioid treatment January 25, 2022
ROADE Work sprint: Targeted areas for improvement: Emergency department, operating room and transitions of care November 30, 2021
ROADE Work sprint: Opioid ADEs, pain management and opioid alternatives October 26, 2021
ROADE Work sprint: Opioid prescribing guidelines and best practices September 28, 2021
ROADE Work sprint: Kickoff July 27, 2021
Interpreting ISMP Opioid Self-Assessment Results April 16, 2019
ISMP Opioid Self-Assessment January 15, 2019
Opioid Safety and Glycemic Management September 5, 2018
Reducing Adverse Drug Events from Opioids (RADEO): A Guide to Safe Opioid Therapy March 26, 2018
Advancing Opioid Safety and Glycemic Control in the Inpatient Setting May 23, 2017
Adverse Drug Event Measures March 29, 2016
Best Practices Associated with Opioid Use September 17, 2014
Reducing the Risk of Patient Harm: A Focus on Opioids August 13, 2014
Safe Opioid Practices July 9, 2014
ADE Workbook Webinar February 6, 2014
Medication Safety Office Hours December 19, 2013
Top Ten Ways to Identify, Track and Trend ADEs March 12, 2013

These programs are provided with assistance from the Healthcare Educational and Research Fund. HERF is an affiliate organization specializing in healthcare-related education, grants and research activities.