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Reducing hospital readmissions by partnering with skilled nursing facilities March 30, 2023
Using community collaborative care planning to support interventions for high-risk multiple-admission patients December 15, 2022
Role of the emergency department — 15 years of case management: Lessons learned and benefits realized November 17, 2022
Interventions for the MAP program October 20, 2022
The impact of health disparities and social determinants of health on readmission September 15, 2022
Assess patients at risk for multiple admissions and readmission August 18, 2022
Design your program and identify MAPs July 21, 2022
Readmission Care Partner sprint: Capstone April 21, 2022
Readmission Care Partner sprint: Transitions of Care March 17, 2022
Readmissions Care Partner sprint: Preparing for attestation office hour February 17, 2022
Readmission Care Partner sprint: Preparing the care partner for the next transition January 20, 2022
Readmission Care Partner sprint: Include November 18, 2021
Readmission Care Partner sprint: Office Hours Q&A October 21, 2021
Readmission Care Partner sprint: Commit and Identify October 7, 2021
Readmission Care Partner Sprint Kickoff September 23, 2021
EQIC Readmission Care Partner Model Executive Huddle September 15, 2021
Care Partner Collaborative: Prepare November 6, 2019
Care Partner Collaborative: Include August 14, 2019
Care Partner Collaborative: Commit and Identify July 24, 2019
Effectively Engaging Patients and Care Partners March 20, 2019
Intermountain Partners in Healing January 24, 2019
Reducing Readmissions through Collaboration with Skilled Nursing Facilities December 10, 2018
Medication Reconciliation Across Care Transitions June 21, 2018
Preventable Readmissions Kick-off Webinar January 25, 2017
Palliative Care to Reduce Readmissions April 16, 2013

These programs are provided with assistance from the Healthcare Educational and Research Fund. HERF is an affiliate organization specializing in healthcare-related education, grants and research activities.